What we've learned so far-02v2-02So, we had been talking about doing this podcast cast for months.  We needed an outlet to work through all those topics, themes, anecdotes and stories that clunk around in our brains, and consume our personal chatter.
With probably too little preparation, but a whole ton of enthusiasm,  we recorded our first episode.  Crouched in Daniella’s closet, we shared a bottle of Argentinian red wine, devoured a bat-mitzvah sized platter of some damn good sushi, and attacked the topic of women in Horror. “Why aren’t there more women in the horror genre?”, We implored!.  After all don’t females  understand blood (menstruation), and alien parasites (pregnancies)  better than any man?
We laughed, we cried, we talked about poop for about 45 of the 60 minutes.  There were indeed little golden nuggets sprinkled through our recording, but overall our musings and insights were unstructured, hard to follow and would probably leave you muttering – “Can they get to the fucking point?”
We posted the episode, and then quickly recalled it.  Bitches and Whorrors is a project too dear to our hearts — we wanted to send it out into the world with its best foot forward.  So we regrouped, discussed a bit more structure, and took a second stab at our FIRST EVER EPISODE.
Reflecting on our initial failure, we came up with some guiding principles for future attempts:
  • Clear theme:  Every episode will focus on a theme.  We will choose themes from the grotesque, horrific, bizarre, fascinating — the kind of stuff horror-film dreams are built on. We’ll explore how that theme manifests in both the real and cinematic world.
  • Structure and format – we love  improv as much as the next chump, but we also want our podcasts to be painless and easy to follow —  Like Dante’s descent through the gates of hell.
  • Learn something new – This podcast is our excuse to keep reading, researching, and digging deeper into the topics that fascinate us.  And in return, we hope that whoever takes the time to listen will also learn something new from our weekly musings.  We want to tell you something you don’t already know about  blood, maggots, possessions, zombies, childhood nightmares, outer space, fanatic religions and more!
  • Hear from other voices:  This podcast will also be an excuse to reach out and speak with people, with whom we may not have the chance in regular life.  Movie directors, comedians, scientists, hypnotists, foot fetishists…  Let’s spice things up by throwing some guests and experts into the mix.
For our second, FIRST EVER EPISODE, we circled in on a more concrete topic, Hallucinations, and tried out a more structured format. And we had a guest!  The results show a huge improvement, but this is a learning process, and we still have a long way to go before BITCHES AND WHORRORS is the podcasting masterpiece we know it can be.  Take a listen here! 
We are open to suggestions, and tips, and eager to learn from anyone who wants to teach us. Please listen, and please share your thoughts!
Just like an antibiotic resistant bacteria, we hope Bitches and Whorrors will continue evolving towards world domination.
Lots of Love,
Your podcasting weirdos, Charlotte & Daniella

Episode 1 (take 2):  Charlotte and Daniella take a second stab at a FIRST EVER EPISODE.    The Topic — hallucinations, The Guest – horror film director,  President of Troma Entertainment and Charlotte’s father,  Lloyd Kaufman.

Ever wonder why kids have imaginary friends? Ever experienced sleep paralysis? Ever think Rice Crispy’s Snap, Crackle and Pop had demonic undertones?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you want to check out this very exciting episode.  If you didn’t answer yes, you STILL probably want to listen…